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Stay a Little Longer
by Jessica Dalva

Skull Lamp
by Óscar Dorian

by Ed Schaap

Replica Human Skull, Mermaid Queen
by Zane Wylie

Anonymous II
by Juan Rivero

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Welcome to Macabre Gallery, the first art gallery specializing in dark fine art, since 2009. If you are an alternative art enthusiast and want to find different works of art, that inspire you new sensations, then you are in the right place. In Macabre Gallery you will find paintings and sculptures with macabre, obscure, dark, different, surreal, gothic, disturbing, grim and grotesque style. Created by artists from around the world. Art has no limits. All works of art are original and unique. No two are alike.

If you are a private art collector will be pleased to know that we have renowned artists and emerging artists. Some artists are not published on the website to protect their confidentiality, so you will have to contact us to discover his works. Our arts specialists will attend to you personally.

Juan Rivero


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Gas Masks
Handmade gas masks and plague doctor masks for sale

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