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Ben Howe

Ben Howe


Ben Howe is an Australian artist born in 1977. He obtained his degree in Master of Fine Art, HD, RMIT University.

His work circles issues of representation, time, structure and consciousness. Coming from a background of hyper-realist painting, his works are often derived from preliminary explorations in other media such as sculpture, photography and film.

In Macabre Gallery we have the original paintings by Ben Howe of the Bones and Surface Variations series, where the artist shows us his most dark and mysterious side. In the Bones series we discover the beauty of the skeletal system while on the Surface Variations series the artist experiments with the density, flexibility and texture of human flesh, creating visually stunning images.

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Ben Howe Available Works:

Arrangement 3 by Ben Howe

Arrangement 3

Sale price:
£2310 (€2614)

Alignment by Ben Howe


Sale price:
£4620 (€5228)

Arrangement 4 by Ben Howe

Arrangement 4

Sale price:
£2310 (€2614)

Phoenix Coil by Ben Howe

Phoenix Coil

Sale price:
£1733 (€1961)

Arrangement 5 by Ben Howe

Arrangement 5

Sale price:
£2310 (€2614)

Surface Variation 3 by Ben Howe

Surface Variation 3

Sale price:
£1271 (€1438)

Arrangement 2 by Ben Howe

Arrangement 2

Sale price:
£1502 (€1699)

Surface Variation 2 by Ben Howe

Surface Variation 2

Sale price:
£1271 (€1438)

Ribbon bust by Ben Howe

Ribbon bust

Sale price:
£1271 (€1438)

Triad by Ben Howe


Sale price:
£2310 (€2614)

Two Heads? by Ben Howe

Two Heads?

Sale price:
£1271 (€1438)

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Guillaume by Ben Howe



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