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The Art of Chris Mars

The Art of Chris Mars The Art of Chris Mars The Art of Chris Mars

The Art of Chris Mars

Painting, illustration, sculpture or animation; the versatile and macabre artist Chris Mars would fit perfectly into any of these categories, but we have sought to highlight his talent with the oil painting, which is what really left us shocked. This technique, these light and shadows, the detail, the theme and these characters so sick could not left out of Macabre Gallery blog.

Chris Mars was born in Minneapolis, USA, in 1961. In the 90′s he became known thanks to his music as a drummer for The Replacements. He continued his solo career recording some discs until 1996, leaving the music to devote himself to his true passion, the painting.

Mars tells us that, as a teenager, his great influence were the numerous visits to the psychiatric accompanying his older brother, who had schizophrenia.

You can see all his works of art on the official website, which also has illustrations, sculptures and animated short films.

Visit the official website of Chris Mars

Posted on March 02, 2010

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