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David Van Gough

David Van Gough


David Van Gough is an necrorealist artist from Liverpool, England. His early years were colored by a tableau of EC Horror comics, 70's occultism, electronica and Catholic guilt. Graduated in the Liverpool School of Art, he left for a decade as a commercial artist. However, upon the death of a friend, meditates about the transience of life and decides to recover his early ambitions.

He specializes in dark paintings, using allegory chronicling a heightened sense of mortality, and the madness of the minds subterranean fathoms. A self-proclaimed Necrorealist artist. Necrorealism has its roots in the downfall of the Soviet union, it’s central tenet’s explore the end of ideology through death.

He moved to California, United States, in 2005, where he feels a growing fundamental, religious extremism in the US, imbued his work with what he referred to as "an emotional and spiritual excavation for purpose".

David Van Gough is an Honoree Artist of 2010 at the San Diego Art Institute, his work has been hosted in a succession of solo and featured showcases on both sides of the Atlantic.

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David Van Gough Available Works:

Rise by David Van Gough


Sale price:
£4200 (€4753)

Osmosis by David Van Gough


Sale price:
£3250 (€3678)

The Devil by David Van Gough

The Devil

Sale price:
£3605 (€4080)

Would this Monster make a Man by David Van Gough

Would this Monster make a Man

Sale price:
£3700 (€4187)

Legacy-an Artists General Truth by David Van Gough

Legacy-an Artists General Truth

Sale price:
£3000 (€3395)

Triumvirate by David Van Gough


Sale price:
£1150 (€1301)

Legend by David Van Gough


Sale price:
£4200 (€4753)

The Valley by David Van Gough

The Valley

Sale price:
£5400 (€6111)

The Dark and Backwards Abysm of Time by David Van Gough

The Dark and Backwards Abysm of Time

Sale price:
£3700 (€4187)

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