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Inside Artzine

Inside Artzine

International Artscum Magazine


Paintings, (Digital) Collages, Sculptures, Photos, Stories, Interviews, Reviews.

Paper-Magazine in the spirit of H.R. Giger, Absumaniac & Hieronymus Bosch.

Format: A4, Pages: 60 (Offset/quality paper), Established: 1990, Language: English.

Seth Siro Anton (GR), Chris Mars (US), H.R. Giger (CH), John Santerineross (US), Trevor Brown (JAP), Kris Kuksi (US), Matt Lombard (US), Chet Zar (US), Olivier de Sagazan (FR), Juha Helminen (FIN), Trëz (FR), Michael Hutter (GER),  Alessandro Bavari (ITA), +++ 

Homepage: http://www.inside-artzine.de
Buy online: http://artscum.org/shop
Artblog of the Grotesque: http://artscum.org
Social: https://www.facebook.com/insideartzine

E-Mag-Preview: http://issuu.com/insideartzine/docs/inside17issuu/1


Inside Artzine

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