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It is in Koumac in New Caledonia that the adventures of Jim, our macabre skull artist, begin, in the year 1959. He is known as Jim Skull, due to its extraordinary obsession with skulls.

He goes to New Zealand, stops over New Hebrides, discovers Australia, India and lands in Hong-Kong. In his travels gets many human experiences, cultural and ritual; experiences that mark and serve as inspiration for his future works of art.

He returns to his hometown, Paris, in 1976, studies in Estienne school, and later in the Applied Arts School Olivier-de-Serres.

In 1980 he creates his first skulls. His vocation is now revealed and will never leave him. Since then has continued to investigate new fabrics, techniques and materials to shape his work.

He holds exhibitions in Parisian bars, takes part in the Salons d’Art, improves his technique… creating the refined result we know of today, stunning works of art.

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Posted on March 19, 2010

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