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Karl Persson

Karl Persson Karl Persson Karl Persson

Karl Persson

My intellect doesn’t come into play when I am channeling something subconsciously. There is plenty of time for interpretation after a painting is finished. Whenever I look at my finished paintings it is like analysing a dream – deciphering my personal symbolic language. Although there is obviously some calculated thought behind things like compositional aesthetics, I still try to keep these decisions relatively instinctive. I find this approach far more fulfilling than when I have injected some preconceived concept into an image, which has often consequently become either stale or too obvious.

These are the words of Karl Persson, the young Australian macabre painter who has made these oil canvases with a enviable technique and realism.

A stunning portfolio full of originality that you can not miss if you like the macabre and surreal art.

Visit the official website of Karl Persson

Posted on April 05, 2010

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