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Riding Horsey by Sandra Yagi

Riding Horsey by Sandra Yagi

Medium: Oil on panel
Size: 40.6 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12 in)
Year: 2009

High quality giclée prints also available.

This is one of a series of paintings depicting a skeleton, or Death, as the dominant party in consensual bondage and discipline play. The living human is always the submissive.

Some practitioners of BDSM thought erroneously that I was equating BDSM with death, and that somehow practicing BDSM will cause death. The focus of these works is our relationship with death. In BDSM, each partner plays a role, and the submissive willingly takes a vulnerable position and allows the dominant to have power. It is an ultimate position of trust placed in the dominant.

In our mortal life, we need to recognize that Death is powerful and will dominate all of us, so we should come to terms with it and accept it when the time arrives. Denying the fact that we must all make that passage marked by death means that one cannot really appreciate life and savor it.


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