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Steven Vincent Mitchell

Steven Vincent Mitchell


The artist Steven Vincent Mitchell (SV Mitchell) was born in Bristol, England, in 1963. He spent his childhood growing up in the South West of England, and then moved to Lithuania, where he lives so far.

In 1992, a drinking binge ended in a hospitalisation and a near-death "bardo" experience, in which the artist was graced with a moment of clarity into his condition. This experience was the catalyst that changed his life, and started to express the art that we see today.

His career started in the world of tattoos, and later continued expressing through the painting and sculpture. He is influenced by the unseen and mystical, his genre is the shadow nature of life.

In 1999 Steven Vincent Mitchell visited USA and Canada. In USA he spent time with the Navajo and Hopi tribes, and in Canada with the Huron (Mohawk / Mohican) people. He had the privilege of have been embraced by these people, whose traditions, craft skills and mystical healing arts, were incorporated into his art.

At the beginning of his career, he preferred to exhibit in places like a mortuary chapel rather than in a traditional white wall gallery. Those first exhibitions grew and evolved into his Bardo installations. The exhibitions in Bardo and in the M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum, graced him with international recognition.

In 2014 inaugurates his Bardo Museum in Kernavé, categorized by UNESCO as World Heritage. The environment of the Bardo Museum offers a unique and personal insight into the visionary world of the artist and mystic with an continuous installation / exhibition of his paintings and sculptures.

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Steven Vincent Mitchell Available Works:

Red Witch by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Red Witch

Sale price:
£1500 (€1697)

Smoker by Steven Vincent Mitchell


Sale price:
£1650 (€1867)

Picasso's Dove by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Picasso's Dove

Sale price:
£1350 (€1528)

Shoe III by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Shoe III

Sale price:
£442 (€500)

Lion Tamer by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Lion Tamer

Sale price:
£1500 (€1697)

Homage by Steven Vincent Mitchell


Sale price:
Price on request

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Black Tea by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Black Tea


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