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Zmiya Mochoruk

Zmiya Mochoruk


The artist Zmiya Mochoruk was born in 1987 in Chicago, United States. He began painting at the age of 12, he has shown at several art galleries worldwide over the years and appeared in magazines, album covers, books, news-print and online for both fine art and horror painting as well as tattooing. He has his own tattoo studio in Illinois, and divides his time between his businesses, painting, tattooing and family.

Zmiya Mochoruk enjoy a classical aesthetic and figurative approach to oil painting, but the main focus is always to explore the magickal or occult formulae from within the frame of the human figure and layer the underlying message in a way that can be understood by everyone, albeit differently. While enjoying limited notoriety from his small but distinguished following, the socially reclusive painter strives mainly to maintain the integrity of the message existing just beyond the canvas veil.

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Zmiya Mochoruk Available Works:

Setting Sun by Zmiya Mochoruk

Setting Sun

Sale price:
£3605 (€4080)

Wolf in Wolfs Clothing by Zmiya Mochoruk

Wolf in Wolfs Clothing

Sale price:
£4182 (€4733)

Setting Forth by Zmiya Mochoruk

Setting Forth

Sale price:
£3605 (€4080)

Awakening of Eve by Zmiya Mochoruk

Awakening of Eve

Sale price:
£2884 (€3264)

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